Colicky Baby Makes You Feel Helpless? Here Are 6 Proven Strategies for Immediate Relief


Imagine a tiny baby who just came into this world and needs to deal with air, water, food, medicine, vaccines, bacteria, viruses. Mom’s womb was so cozy and warm and nutritious. Everything worked like clockwork and all of a sudden you are famished, freezing, deafened by sounds and blinded by bright light.

And here comes the dreaded “colic.” It’s like a sword of Damocles that hangs over all expecting parents. Continue reading

What You Really Need a Hospital Bag For: 5 Essentials To Take Home After Hospital Delivery


If you are pregnant or know anyone pregnant, you will know – it is really easy to scare a pregnant woman into action! Books, blogs, baby forums, neighbors, relatives, friends will overwhelm you with advice.

My Mom was pregnant for the first time. At 37. You bet she followed every advice (that sounded scientific enough, to be fair). The closer the delivery date approached, the more often she heard a question “Do you have the hospital bag ready?” Continue reading

Due Date Tomorrow and No Signs of Labor? One Simple and Effective Exercise to Get Your Baby Moving (in the Right Direction)


My Mom had a very unique reason for wanting to go into labor exactly on her due date. Not because she gained 30 pounds during the pregnancy; or because every step of her swollen feet felt like lifting two 15 lb dumbells; or because she desperately craved a sip (a sniff) of wine.

No, those surely weren’t good enough reasons. The real reason? The due date fell on her birthday. Crazy, but true! If I were born that day imagine the ultimate birthday gift that would be. Dad would have to work twice as hard to make it a special day. So the precision had to be exact! Too much at stake! Continue reading

No Baby Shower – No Problem. How to Score Baby Stuff and Prepare for Baby’s Arrival


Pregnant ladies across the globe have superstitions beyond comprehension of a regular person. But you know that pregnant ladies are not regular people and you got to respect their feelings no matter how crazy they sound. Some fear the cemetery, some fear the water or the full moon.

My Mom was paranoid about buying (and receiving) baby stuff before I was actually born. She had no baby showers and no shared registry. She had nightmares about having a full house of baby stuff and no baby. “Baby shoes. Never worn” type of thing. Thank you for the visual, Ernest. You can’t explain a pregnant woman’s superstitions. But that doesn’t mean Mom wasn’t prepared for my arrival. Continue reading

Fit Pregnancy – 5 Simple Steps to Stay Healthy for 40 Weeks


To have a healthy baby you must have a healthy and fit pregnancy. There are tons of articles and whole books dedicated to this subject. I will tell you what my Mom did.

She got pregnant at 36. And she found out quickly from our doctor that she was young at 35, but when she turned 36, she became old and fell into the ‘risky’ category. How unfair. That involved a ton of extra testing. Continue reading