No Baby Shower – No Problem. How to Score Baby Stuff and Prepare for Baby’s Arrival


Pregnant ladies across the globe have superstitions beyond comprehension of a regular person. But you know that pregnant ladies are not regular people and you got to respect their feelings no matter how crazy they sound. Some fear the cemetery, some fear the water or the full moon.

My Mom was paranoid about buying (and receiving) baby stuff before I was actually born. She had no baby showers and no shared registry. She had nightmares about having a full house of baby stuff and no baby. “Baby shoes. Never worn” type of thing. Thank you for the visual, Ernest. You can’t explain a pregnant woman’s superstitions. But that doesn’t mean Mom wasn’t prepared for my arrival.

Friends with Benefits (and Baby Stuff)

To beat the superstition, Mom discovered she had friends with benefits who wanted to “clear their garage” from baby stuff (she couldn’t refuse). We got so much great stuff – free! There is always someone out there in your network who had a baby or got friends who had a baby.

Don’t be afraid to ask if they got stuff lying around they intended to get rid of for years. You will be amazed at how THANKFUL people will be that you even asked! Most of the times they will ask you first once your pregnancy is public knowledge.

What they were embarrassed or too cheap to give to their relatives (you know, cousins who never spent a day in their lives helping you out), they will donate to a ‘stranger.’ You score great stuff and help them! Even if they want to sell unused stuff to you – it will still be cheaper than buying it at Toys’R’Us.

Just disinfect, disinfect, disinfect!

Baby Registry

You reap great benefits from creating and managing a baby registry on Amazon. It comes with tons of perks: discounts on diapers, baby clothes, baby gear, and other baby products. For those with Mom’s superstition, baby products on Amazon come with free returns! In case you deliver an 8-pound baby that won’t fit into a “Newborn” diaper size.

She did tons of research on strollers and car seats; on bassinets and cribs; on going with traditional or cloth diapers; wipes, toys, sheets, blankets, baby bath tub – you name it, she looked at it.

She was ready to push the ‘purchase’ button when I was ready to push the ‘eject’ button.

You can share your registry with your family or buy from it yourself – benefits roll in.

Superstitions or not though, there are things you have to get (unless you are giving birth at home) to be able to leave the hospital – by law. And that’s a car seat. Even if you are bicycling or motorcycling your baby home, you have to have a car seat to leave the hospital – there are no exceptions.

Mom got the baby essentials with Amazon’s free returns and, therefore, peace of mind. As I mentioned above, Amazon registry comes with valuable discounts and perks – usually just for registering! Check it out, there is no beating millions of products in one place.

Other retailers also have great offers with baby registries – coupons, free samples, etc. Try Target, Babies”R”Us, and BuyBuy Baby.

Final Word

Once I was born, stuff started flooding in from all over the world. We even had to give it away unused: I was growing fast, we had some items in duplicates and triplicates, and some stuff just wasn’t my style, if you know what I mean.

If you have similar superstitions, it’s totally understandable and nothing to be ashamed of. Make sure you let your feelings be known at work and among friends and family members, so there are no “surprise” baby showers for you.

Free stuff is nice, but the last thing you need is unnecessary stress.

Remember – no shame in pregnancy superstitions!

The stakes are too high.

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