About Me


Hello Dear Readers,

Thank you for stopping by my site. And thank you for your precious time!

I was born in 2016. Yes, I am a bit over one year old. Too young to blog, you say? Pfff, babies are way smarter than you think. Especially baby girls!

Here, I share my thoughts and experiences since beeing a little pea in Mom’s cozy womb. I hope new Moms and Dads find my advice on keeping baby and Mom healthy during pregnancy, enduring childbirth, and surviving the first two years of baby’s life helpful.

My inspiration and the source of wisdom are my Mom and Dad, who have been mind-blowingly meticulous (almost paranoid) about every tiny detail when it concerns me – since conception. No wonder – they have been married for 18 years before deciding to bring me into this world.

I have been nurtured and pampered for 16 months now. I participated in all family discussions and decisions, experienced my Mom’s struggles first hand, and marveled at ways she learned from her mistakes. My family basked me in so much unconditional love, it was hard to bear at times.

So I have a lot to say about lots of things. I was born with opinions, what can I say.

Plus, one really needs to start that college fund early on nowadays!

I can’t talk (yet), but I can type!

Thank you so much for reading and let’s be friends!